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When is my Apple iMac outdated? 

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When is my Apple iMac outdated?


You should consider replacing your iMac when

1.  It is too old to update as your Mac is limited to what macOS it can be updated too.

2.  You can no longer find parts to repair it.

3.  If your Mac was released more than 7 years ago Apple considers it as obsolete and between 5 to 7 years as “vintage”.

4. Security updates are no longer available as you only get security fixes for about 3 years after the operating system was released opening it up for security threats.

5. Your Mac is very slow and it is expensive to upgrade the hardware.

6.  Your iPhone or iPad no longer works with your Mac as its outdated OS system does not recognize them.

7.  Developers are always updating their apps to run on the latest versions of macOS and if your Mac cannot run these apps due to its age it is time to start looking for an upgrade.


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