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Keyboard and Trackpad Issues: Troubleshooting and Solutions – Updated 2023


Keyboard and Trackpad Connectivity: The keyboard and trackpad are individually connected to the logic board, operating independently of each other.

Should you encounter simultaneous issues with both your keyboard and trackpad, it is likely attributed to a software-related problem.


Possible Reasons for Unresponsive Trackpad and Keyboard:

  1. A recent software update may have triggered the problem.
  2. Accumulated dirt or debris on the trackpad’s surface can hinder its responsiveness.
  3. When both the keyboard and trackpad malfunction simultaneously, it could be attributed to issues with either the trackpad or the trackpad flex cable.

In the USB-C model of the Apple Mac, the trackpad and trackpad cable are considered integral components within the Top Case Assembly, which also houses the keyboard.

  1. If it is the keyboard only that is non-responsive, it may indicate a faulty keyboard that requires replacement.


Steps to Resolve Trackpad and Keyboard Issues:

  1. Restart your Mac to potentially resolve software-related problems.
  2. If restarting doesn’t work, try shutting down the Mac completely and then restarting it. If the issue persists, connect the power supply while shutting down.
  3. Review your trackpad settings in System Preferences to ensure proper configuration.


It’s worth noting that problems associated with the Trackpad Cable can lead to issues with both the keyboard and trackpad’s functionality.

As you can see there are a lot of factors that can cause issues with either your Keyboard or Trackpad or both of them. If you need to book your Mac for an Apple diagnostic click here.


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