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Why Replace Your Mac’s LCD or Display Assembly? Updated  2023


Why Your Mac May Need an LCD or Display Assembly Replacement:

  • It could result from impact damage when your Mac is accidentally dropped or bumped.
  • Liquid damage is another common issue, occurring when liquids are spilled on your Mac.
  • Lastly, malfunctioning can occur due to aging or other internal part issues, such as flexgate problems.

How to Determine If Your MacBook Screen Requires Replacement:

  • LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display, contains liquid inside. If you notice ink blotches on your screen, it’s a clear sign that your screen is broken and requires replacement.
  • Accidents like drops or impacts are a frequent cause of screen damage, often leading to cracks in the glass and necessitating screen replacement.
  • Screens can also become scratched from everyday use, resulting in a cloudy appearance over time.
  • Malfunctions can occur due to inherent issues in some Macs, with flexgate being a common problem. This can lead to a black screen and the failure of internal components, necessitating screen replacement.



Is It Economical to Repair Your Mac’s LCD or Display Assembly?

Regardless of the cause of your device’s damage, replacing a screen can be expensive. Some individuals argue that it might be more cost-effective to consider purchasing a new Mac rather than replacing the screen.

To decide on which option to take to repair or replace you’ll need to speak to an Apple specialist. 


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