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Apple MacBook Pro  Battery Replacement.

Apple Battery Model A2389 MacBook Air 13″ Retina A2337 (M1 2020) Updated 2023


The Apple Battery Model A2389 is designed for use in the MacBook Air 13″ Retina A2337 which encompasses the M1 2020 model.

This specific battery model is an integral component of the laptop, providing the necessary power to run the device.

The A2389 battery is engineered to meet the high-performance demands of the MacBook Air A2337 offering a balance between capacity and efficiency.

It is designed to provide extended usage time, allowing users to work, create, and browse without frequent recharging.

Apple’s attention to detail in battery management technology aims to optimize battery health and lifespan over time, providing users with a reliable and long-lasting power source.

As with all lithium-ion batteries, proper care and usage practices are recommended to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Apple’s macOS software often includes battery management features that help users monitor battery health and charging patterns, aiding in prolonging the overall lifespan of the battery.


MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Condition

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What are the signs that your Apple MacBook battery needs to be replaced?

   1.  Service Recommended

This is generally a sign that the MacBook battery is in need of replacement.

Although the “Service Recommended” error seems to indicate that it is only in need of a service it can mean that the Apple MacBook battery needs to be replaced.

2.  Replace Now

This is also a sign that your Apple MacBook Battery needs to be replaced.

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  1. Displays an X

If your Apple MacBook battery displays an ‘X” on the battery charging indicator this may mean that the Apple MacBook battery isn’t connected or has died on the Mac.

  1. Battery not lasting long

This might be a sign that the battery cells are failing and that the Apple MacBook battery needs to be replaced.

  1. The power supply light remains orange

This is also a sign that the Apple MacBook battery isn’t charging and may need replacement.


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A1965 MacBook Air Battery Replacement For 13-inch Retina A1932, A2179 Vintage (Late 2018-Early 2020). ZA Support Apple Battery Replacement Johannesburg South Africa
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