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 A Beginner’s Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing MacBook Performance Issues. Updated 2023

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Discover the common culprits behind a sluggish MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Updated 2023


Why is my Apple MacBook slow?

We understand the frustration of a sluggish device that disrupts your workflow but in this comprehensive article, we will explore the various factors that can cause your MacBook to slow down and provide simple solutions to get it back up to speed.


1.  Insufficient Storage Space.

One of the most common reasons for a slow MacBook is insufficient storage space. When your hard drive is nearing its capacity, it can significantly impact your device’s performance. To address this issue:

1.1  Delete Unnecessary Files: Remove old documents, photos, and videos that you no longer need. Be sure to empty the Trash afterward to free up space completely.

1.2  Move Files to External Storage: Consider transferring large files, such as videos or archives, to an external hard drive or cloud storage. This not only frees up space but also helps declutter your MacBook’s internal storage.


2.  Excessive Background Processes. 

Background processes running on your MacBook can consume valuable system resources, leading to slower performance. It’s essential to identify and limit these processes to improve speed. 

2.1  Monitor Activity Monitor: Launch the Activity Monitor application (found in the Utilities folder) to get an overview of the processes running on your MacBook.  Identify resource-hungry applications.

2.2  Quit Unnecessary Applications: Close any applications that you’re not actively using. They may be running background processes that could be slowing down your MacBook.

2.3  Disable Startup Programs: Reduce the number of applications that launch at startup.  Uncheck unnecessary programs to prevent them from automatically starting.


3.  Outdated Software Subtitle.

Using outdated software on your MacBook can hinder performance and compatibility. It’s crucial to keep your operating system and applications up to date. 

3.1  Install macOS Updates: Regularly check for macOS updates.

3.2  Update Apps: Visit the App Store and navigate to the “Updates” tab to check for available updates for your installed applications. Keeping them up to date ensures compatibility and optimal performance.


4.  Malware and Adware Subtitle

Malware and adware can sneak onto your MacBook, causing various performance issues. Protecting your device from these threats is essential. 

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