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 Understanding the Stage Lighting Effect on your Apple Mac. Updated 2023

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Understanding the Stage Lighting Effect on your Apple Mac. Updated 2023


The stage lighting effect refers to the uneven illumination on the display of certain Macs.  It appears as if the screen is being lit up from below, creating a spotlight effect on the keyboard and lower part of the screen. This effect is most noticeable in low-light environments and when the brightness of the screen is turned up.


The Reason Behind the Stage Lighting Effect

The stage lighting effect is caused by the design of the display assembly in the Mac. Apple introduced a new technology called “Full Array Local Dimming” to improve contrast and image quality. However, this technology also leads to the unintended side effect of the stage lighting effect.


How Full Array Local Dimming Triggers the Stage Lighting Effect

Full Array Local Dimming is a display technology that utilizes an array of individual LEDs placed directly behind the LCD panel. They individually control and dynamically adjust the backlighting and enhance contrast.  The display can achieve deeper blacks and improve overall image quality.

The stage lighting effect occurs when the LEDs located at the bottom of the display assembly are turned on at a higher intensity than the rest of the LEDs. This creates the impression that the screen is being illuminated from the bottom, resulting in a spotlight-like appearance on the keyboard area.


Is the Stage Lighting Effect a Flaw or a Feature?

Although the stage lighting effect may seem like a flaw at first glance, it’s actually a result of the intentional design choices made by Apple to enhance display quality. This new technology improves contrast and overall visual experience, outweighing the minor inconvenience of the stage lighting effect.

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