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Troubleshooting Mac Display Issues: Common Causes and Solutions. Updated 2023


Is your Mac Display Not Turning On in 2023?

Experiencing issues with your Mac display not turning on can be frustrating.


There are several potential reasons for this problem:

  1. Backlight Failure:

    • When your Mac’s backlight fails to illuminate, it can make the screen appear completely black. One way to test this is by shining a flashlight on the screen, which may reveal the desktop icons. This issue is often associated with a malfunction in the backlight circuit.
  2. Liquid Damage:

    • Spilling liquids on your Mac or placing it on a wet surface can lead to liquid damage. In particular, the logic board’s chip responsible for converting battery power to the correct voltage for the backlight may be affected. This can result in a black screen.
  3. Impact Damage:

    • If your Mac has suffered impact damage, you might encounter a screen that remains completely dark. This could indicate a blown fuse or ribbon connection issue within the screen’s cover. Impact damage may also affect the logic board, causing problems with the inverter chip.
  4. Startup Disk Issues:

    • Corrupt data on the startup disk can sometimes lead to a black screen upon booting your Mac. To resolve this, try booting your Mac in safe mode, which forces it to run diagnostics on the disk during startup.
  5. macOS Update Problems:

    • After updating your Mac to the latest macOS version, you may encounter a white, gray, or black screen. This issue can be attributed to technical problems, such as insufficient memory.


Common Indicators of a Mac with No Display:

If your Mac is experiencing display issues, you may notice the following signs:

  • The Mac doesn’t power on.
  • The Mac turns on, but the screen remains black.
  • The Mac starts booting, then suddenly turns off.
  • You can hear internal components operating, but the screen remains unresponsive.

If your Mac still lacks a display, it’s advisable to seek professional diagnostic assistance. There are numerous potential causes for this problem, and an expert opinion can help identify and resolve the issue effectively. Don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced technicians for assistance with your Mac display concerns.

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