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The damage that liquid can cause to your Apple MacBook

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The damage that liquid can cause to your Apple MacBook


Accidents happen but if you act fast you can save your computer from further damage.


What to do?

1.  Turn your Mac off immediately since leaving it on while it is wet could cause a short circuit or other serious damage.

2.  It is important to dry your Mac as quickly and carefully as possible. First take a microfiber cloth to dab any excess liquid from your device, making sure to dry the keyboard, vents, trackpad, and USB ports.

3.  Do not use a hairdryer or rice to dry your Mac as it can cause further damage.

4.  Take your Mac as soon as possible to ZA Support to assess it.



1.  The longer I wait the liquid will evaporate and I can use my Mac again.

2.  When I switch it on after a day or two it switches on and works.


The longer you wait to have your Mac assessed the more damage will be done. The picture is a clear example of liquid damage and what the Mac looks like after a while. The fact is that ignoring it will not let it go away. If not now it will start to act up sooner than later.




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