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The Apple Magic Mouse is not registering. Updated 2022

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The Apple Magic Mouse is not registering.

Although the Magic Mouse is easy to use when things go wrong it is not as simple to fix.

Here are a few ideas to get it working again:

1. Check the power and battery by turning the mouse over and checking that the switch is showing green.  Your Mac should however warn you when the battery runs low.

2. Pairing issues can occur even when the Magic Mouse has been paired and the Mac should connect automatically.

3. Restart the Bluetooth device by switching your device on and off.

4. If you are connected to multiple devices ensure that these devices, that can cause connectivity problems are not the issue.

How to tell if your Magic Mouse needs to be replaced:

1. One of the buttons does not work.

2. Random movement.

3. Cursor freezes.

4. No movement.

5. Unsmooth movement.

Finally, do you need to replace the Magic Mouse?

The Magic Mouse can start to wear after around 100,000 clicks and if you tried everything and the Magic Mouse is still not working it might be time to replace it.



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