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My Apple Mac’s keyboard needs to be repaired or replaced.Updated 2022

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My Mac’s keyboard needs to be repaired or replaced. 

What role does a keyboard play?

The keyboard is easily one of the most-used parts of your Apple Mac and when it malfunctions or breaks it brings productivity to a halt.

Improvement on the newer Apple Macs.

Apple has most importantly improved and enhanced the keyboards in the newer versions of Apple Macs and the butterfly mechanism was designed to enable the Apple MacBook Pro to be thinner than ever before while increasing the size of individual keys.

However, many Apple Mac users have been reporting issues with this newer Apple keyboard technology, such as high-pitched sounds associated with certain keys.

The new Apple keyboard from 2020 is based on the Magic Keyboard that uses a scissor-switch mechanism as opposed to the faulty butterfly mechanism. Most importantly the new Apple keyboard’s keys have more travel for a better typing experience subsequently are also quieter. 

How to clean the Apple Mac’s keyboard.

Keyboards are delicate devices making it easy for dust, dirt, crumbs, and other particles to cause problems and liquid spills, as well as physical damage, can also play a role.  A regular service is recommended to prevent these or similar issues.

 What problems can be experienced?

  • Letters or characters repeat.

  • Letters or characters do not appear.

  • Letters or characters appear automatically.

  • Keys are sticky or do not respond.


Problems such as sticky keys can be repaired by removing a single key and cleaning underneath it but if your keyboard’s troubles are more complicated you will have to replace the whole keyboard.

Some suppliers recommend replacing the whole upper case. The upper case includes the battery, trackpad, and keyboard. Replacing just the Apple keyboard is a lot harder than just replacing one key as the keyboard is held in with pop rivets which only an Apple Mac specialist with the correct tools can replace.

Book your Mac in with ZA Support Apple Experts SA and we will be able to assist by replacing the keyboard or if you should choose the top case.


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