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My Apple Mac has battery connector power-related issues. Updated 2022

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My Apple Mac has battery connector power-related issues. Updated 2022


Possible reasons why my Mac has battery connector power-related issues?


The charging system consists of four components:

– The Battery stores power (charging) and provides power (discharging).

Charger that delivers power to your MacBook and its battery.

Charging circuit that converts the charger voltage to tun your Mac and charges the battery.

System Management Controller (SMC) chip controls the behavior of the charging circuit.

Steps to follow to determine power-related issues:

1. Check the charger output voltage to ensure your charger is working properly. Using generic chargers can also be detrimental to your Mac.

2.  Inspect the charging port on your Mac to ensure that it has no dirt or burned marks as it can attract debris due to its strong magnetic attraction.

3.  Ensure that the battery connector that connects the battery to the logic board is working.

4.  Replace a faulty battery if you receive any of the following notifications.

–  Service Battery

–  Replace Soon

–  Replace Now

–  No Battery Available

5.  If your Mac has been exposed to liquid the SMC chip cannot talk to the battery indicating that no battery is found.

6. Even if your battery shows normal and fully charged as soon as you remove the charger it will turn off.


When the battery of your Mac is not charging it means that even if you can turn it on the charger will not charge the battery and you will still have the connector power-related issues.





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