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Most frequently asked questions regarding Apple Mac Keyboards.

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Most frequently asked questions regarding Apple Mac Keyboards.

The keyboard is one of the most used parts of your Mac and when it does not work it can bring your activities to a stop.


What type of problems can be experienced?

  • Letters or characters repeat.
  • Letters or characters do not appear.
  • Letters or characters appear automatically.
  • Keys are sticky or do not respond.

If you are a Mac user the biggest effect on you is whether your keyboard lets you type.


How to take care of the keyboard.

The best way to take care of it is not to break it in the first place by building good habits.

Routine cleaning is essential and keycaps can come off after residue builds up underneath them.  A regular wipe-down is necessary to keep it clean.

Avoid any liquid spills on your keyboard.


Most frequently asked questions.

1.  Can only some keys be replaced that are not working?

The Mac’s construction means that replacing a single key was a difficult operation and requires the entire Mac to be disassembled. With many of the latest Macs, it is not possible and the whole board or top case needs to be replaced.

2.  Can I use an external keyboard if my keyboard has issues?

It can affect the speed of your Mac and the fans can become noisy because of some faulty drivers.

3.  Must the top case be replaced instead of just the keyboard?

When it comes to mac books there are restrictions that apply to specific keyboards as some are glued to the casing itself with a very sensitive board. Removing it can damage other parts and replacing the top case is required.

After being exposed to dust, dirt, food, and drink day after day, the keyboard will eventually fail. Due to the design, the keyboard replacement is a time-consuming task. Most repairers will replace the whole top case assembly, including the top case, keyboard, touchpad, and battery.





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