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Weekly Mac Repair Requests Week 4

Part 1 Updated 2023

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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests. Week 4 Part 1. Updated 2023


Good day ZA Support Readers


The Reported Issue.

I dropped my Mac.

What Happens When You Drop Your MacBook on the Floor?

1. Physical shell or casing 

Your Mac casing is relatively durable under normal circumstances. It is not usual for your Mac to come into contact with the floor or other surfaces. How high the drop is and on what surface plays a big role in how much damage is done.

A bent case may be something that you can bend back but it is possible that the screen could have a backlight bleed that was not present before you dropped the Mac. Due to damage, your Mac might not close properly.


2.  Possible internal damage.

Even if the case seems undamaged, it is still possible that some internal components experienced a jar from the impact of the fall. Some of the parts inside your Mac have delicate placements that allow them to do their job.

Some parts of documents may become hard to read and video calls may be difficult to navigate. Dark spots may appear on the screen due to damage and some keys on the keyboard may not work.

An SSD can operate under a wider range of temperatures and can endure thumps and lumps more readily than a hard drive equipped with moving parts and spinning platters. If possible look into upgrading your Mac with an SSD.

In closing always make sure that your data is backed up as accidents can happen at anytime.


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