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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests

Week 1

Part 1 Updated 2023

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Weekly Mac Repair Requests. Week 1 Part 1. Updated 2023


Good day ZA Support Readers


There have been quite a few requests regarding the upgrade of Macs this week.


Upgrade versus buying new is the question.


Benefits of upgrading your present Mac.

To improve your Mac’s performance upgrading to the latest OS and upgrading your hardware can solve the slowness issues.

Updating your Mac to the latest software keeps your system safe and secure.

Your Mac can also be slow because you are running too many background programs and apps or even have a malware infection.

Upgrading your existing Mac with more RAM and an SSD will get you many of the benefits of a new Mac for a fraction of the price. It will probably get you another good three years of useful service from your current Mac.


Benefits of buying a new Mac.

Upgrades are coming at a price and sometimes it is time to replace the old mac with a new one.

Your return on the investment would be a faster processor and a new warranty. Given the age of your old Mac, you may well find that the new Mac will be faster and lighter than your current Macbook.

Performance-wise a Mac has a peak performance of five years, after that, it slowly starts to degrade. Not only does the performance get slower, but also the battery charge cycles are exceeded, which means the battery itself will start degrading too.

Another reason is that the newer models have interesting features that make them worth it.

So in this demanding world, we need to be one step ahead in business with all the new technology available. Just a word of caution if you are buying a new Mac make sure you get the correct RAM and SSD for your business requirements because these new ones cannot be upgraded later.


In Part 2 we will be discussing some more issues.


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