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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests

Week 4    Part 3 updated 2023

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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Request Week 4 Part 3. Updated 2023

Good day ZA Support Readers


Here is another bizarre request.


The Request

The client wants to know if he can pop the swollen battery on the Mac and keep on using it.



When your battery is swollen it can affect your Mac by either not keeping charge or not charging at all and it could press on the trackpad and render it unresponsive.

The only way to solve this problem is to have the battery replaced.

If you should choose to pop it the following will happen.

– it can cause a chemical leak or explosion

–  potential bodily harm in the form of chemical burns

–  spray toxic chemicals all over the place


It is not advisable to tamper with a battery as it can cause damage not only to your Mac but even to yourself and your environment.


Until next time with more interesting requests.


EL from the Admin Desk


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