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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests Week 3

Part 2. Updated 2023

Apple Upgrade, Repair support expert South Africa ZA Support

Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests Week 3 Part 2. Updated 2023

Good day ZA Support Readers


This week I will discuss Part 2 Upgrade by fitting or upgrading an SSD



My Mac is slow or I cannot upgrade my software due to lack of space.

Solid-state drives are universally faster than old-school hard-disk drives, but not all SSDs are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and have different maximum speeds and cost different prices.


Benefits when you upgrade.

–  increase the speed to open applications

–  your Mac will start up much faster

–  longevity of your Mac will be extended



When you upgrade your Apple Mac you will experience a vast improvement in performance.


Almost all of the new Macs on offer can only have the storage upgrade at the time of purchase so choose wisely when you purchase a new Mac.

There are severe limitations when your Mac cannot be upgraded.

Until next time when we will be discussing the macOS upgrade.


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