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How to take care of the battery of your Apple Mac.

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How to take care of the battery of your Apple Mac.


A battery is a physical and chemical process and how it is used affects how long it lasts.

Every battery has a certain number of times or cycles, that it can go through before it is considered to be spent and your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles.


What affects my Mac’s battery life?

1.  The screen can drain most of the power so dimming the screen can reduce that and prolong the life of the battery extending the time before you have to charge it again.

2.  You should cut out things you do not need so that you can save power and prolong battery life by switching off power drains such as Wi-fi even if you are not connected at that moment.

3.  If you store your Mac with either a full battery or no battery it will suffer the consequences. Idle batteries lose charge and when you come back a few months later the battery will be dead and no signs of life from your Mac.

4.  It may harm your computer if the battery is swollen and if you cannot replace it immediately you will have to take it out. A swollen battery can damage the case and even cause a fire.

5.  Sudden power loss is also bad for your Mac and can cause permanent physical damage to the internal components. Rather unplug your Mac if you expect load shedding or take the necessary steps to protect it.

6.  Protect the battery from damage by excessive charging and heat by preventing it from getting hotter and overcharging it.


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