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How load shedding negatively impacts your Mac. Updated 2022

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How load shedding negatively impacts your Mac

The effects of load shedding differ from one type of device to the other but in general, will damage even the best electronic products on the market.

When power is interrupted during load shedding the effect is the same as turning your Mac on and off which can create surges in the process.

Even the most well-designed equipment can simply not handle these surges time after time.

What can happen to your Mac during a power surge?

1.  The battery and charger might become damaged and the battery may take longer to charge or not charge fully and need to be charged sooner. 

2.  Due to the logic board receiving excess power your Mac might not power up as the logic board is responsible for hardware and operating system startups.

3.  You could lose data due to the hard drive being affected or the system could slow down and take longer to power up or open certain files.

Steps to take to protect your Mac:

1. Do regular backups to ensure that you do not lose your data.

2. Switch off all computers when they are not in use and unplug them.

3. Surge protectors are a must and there are a few to choose from.

Finally, you would know your Mac could be damaged by a power surge when you turn your computer on but see only the green light coming on, and you hear the fan, but nothing happens.

Remember most backup generators provide little protection against damage to your Mac as it creates a harmful power effect when switching over.





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