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Weekly Apple Mac Repair Requests. Week 1

Part 2 Updated 2023

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Weekly Mac Repair Requests. Week 1 Part 2. Updated 2023


Good day ZA Support Readers


This week we are going to discuss Inept Computer Techs.


Issues reported

On a daily basis, we receive Macs that have missing parts. 


Here are a few.

– missing screws on the outside bottom of the Mac.

– missing screws on the inside which causes the Mac to restart or not start at all.

– masking tape is used to hold part of the Logic Board down.

–  part of the Logic Board has been ripped off.

–  screens that are not properly fitted.



– make sure that the place you take your Mac to has the credentials to work with Apple Macs.

–  you can get a referral from a friend about where they received good service

–  most companies have google reviews that you can look at.

– be careful not to go on price alone as your Mac can be damaged and cost you a lot more to repair in the end.

Another interesting topic to look forward to in Part 3 is Kids and your Mac.


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