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A cup of coffee and my Apple Mac

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A cup of coffee and my Apple Mac.

What happened?

Mr. Thom was walking with his cup of coffee toward his working station when he tripped and fell over the cat spilling the coffee on his Apple Mac.

His action.

He dried the coffee on his Mac with a tissue and continued working. A yellow spot appeared on the screen but he ignored it. Three weeks later his Mac refused to switch on.

The outcome.

He booked his Mac in for an assessment. The following was found to be faulty and had to be replaced.

1. Screen

2. Top Case including battery, keyboard, and trackpad.

3. Logic Board including data recovery

The Solution.

1. To replace all the faulty parts

2. Consider a preowned Mac.

3. To replace with a New Mac.

The costs involved about R30 000.

Moral of this story.

1. Be careful with any kind of liquid near your Mac.

2. When any liquid has been spilled on your Mac switch it off immediately and take it to a specialist to assess.

3.  Insure your Mac.

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