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Does your Mac need an upgrade?  5 Signs that you need to do an upgrade on your Apple Mac

Upgrading you Mac? Top tips when upgrading your Mac

Does your Mac need an upgrade?  5 Signs that you need to do an upgrade on your Apple Mac (for South African clients only)

Are you desperately trying to coax more life out of your Mac? Does your Mac need an upgrade? The price of a new Apple Mac can be quite intimidating and not necessarily an affordable option for most Mac users. We empathise and understand why you are trying to increase the lifetime of your current Mac.

An Apple Mac upgrade could be all you need to buy some time and freshen up your ailing Mac. We have provided a few ways you can spot a Mac in need of an upgrade and what you should be doing about it.

There are three things you should be considering before your upgrade.

  1. Do you have an expert to help you through this process?

ZA Support are the leading Apple experts you should be speaking to if you reside in South Africa. For over 9 years ZA Support has provided expert Apple advice and upgrade support for Apple users interested to upgrade their Mac’s. ZA Support Apple upgrades

  1. Think about the cost benefit of upgrading your Mac compared to buying a new machine.

An important aspect to consider is when you look at the standard spec of a new machine compared with an Apple upgrade they generally differ substantially. An example would be a new Mac without an upgrade will have let’s say a hard drive not an Apple SSD. It may have less RAM compared to what your current machine can take. If you just considered these two things, one often finds there is more value for a fraction of the price to do your Apple Mac upgrade. The next consideration is time. ZA Support has refined our upgrade process to ensure that you get your Mac back in the shortest possible time ZA Support Contact Us. This is quite different to waiting for a special order Mac machine that can take up to 6 weeks to arrive

  1. Are you experiencing a steady decrease in performance of your applications, start up time and general Apple Mac performance?

If this is the case these are telltale signs you need to upgrade. ZA Support Apple upgrade experts have found up to a 75% increase in performance when performing basic Apple upgrades. Think about the current lack of performance and what a 75% increase would do.

Why you may need to upgrade your Mac

One of the classic signs of a Mac in need of an upgrade is that it becomes so SLOW. Of course a slow Mac may have other causes such as a hardware fault or failure, corruption in the operating system or a new system that is messing with your machine. Follow the steps below and you could identify/resolve your slow Mac issue easily. If you are concerned about playing around with your Mac get in touch with ZA Support Apple upgrade experts for professional seasoned assistance. ZA Support Contact Us

Steps to find the cause of a decrease in speed and performance on your Apple Mac.

  • Check for updates on your current operating system.

If you don’t have automatic updates you could be due for a new operating system. (Read our blog about common Apple High Sierra problems if you are having trouble with the newest macOS).

  • Check your activity monitor’s Apple RAM usage.

The Utility Monitor can tell you a lot about what is happening to your Mac. For example you could have open apps you are not using. Too little RAM could be the issue and an upgrade to your Apple RAM is an easy solution (ZA Support RAM upgrades division can assist click here for more info!) ZA Support Apple RAM upgrades

  • Have a look at the amount of Apple disk space you are using.

When your Mac runs out of disk space it will become slower and eventually it might not even start up. It is a great idea to upgrade to a solid state drive (ZA Support SSD Upgrades ZA Support Apple SSD upgrades) which will not only give you more space but also exponentially speed up your Mac.

Okay so you have found that your RAM is insufficient or that your disk space no longer exists. There are a few things you need to think about before upgrading your Mac. If you are unsure what the optimal Apple RAM upgrade for your machine is, contact ZA Support Apple RAM memory expert division.

  • How much space do I need?

Look at what you currently have and work out what your space requirements will be in 24 to 36 months. You don’t want an upgrade to be a short-term solution so you need to think ahead. This way you also avoid multiple upgrades before your Mac is officially dead. ZA Support upgrade expert division has several other alternatives like additional SSD brackets which enable you to upgrade your Mac to a smaller SSD saving cost and have the flexibility to upgrade to a larger Apple hard drive which can be used as your primary storage drive.

  • How are new Mac operating systems going to affect my machine?

Some older models don’t respond well to newer Apple operating systems and this is something you need to be aware of. It will affect what you should expect in the next 2 to 3 years of your Mac’s lifespan.

New Mac operating systems may require specific specs, such as a minimum disk space needed to Apple RAM capacity.

  • What is the maximum storage your Mac is capable of accommodating?

Believe it or not but there can be limits on what type of Apple SSD, hard drive, and Apple RAM memory your Mac can handle.

  • Are you aware of any internal devices, which could be removed to provide more storage or improve performance?

As mentioned previously, there are some machines, which can have the CD drive removed, and a specialised SSD bracket fitted. Enabling 2 drives be those Apple SSD’s or Apple hard drives to be fitted into one Mac.

  • Do you know what the maximum amount of RAM your Mac can be upgraded to?

Each Mac has a very specific amount of Apple RAM memory upgrade possible.

Hopefully our blog has given you some relief about the future of your Mac. Extending the lifetime of your aging Apple Mac will also give you the opportunity to save for the eventual need to buy a new machine.